Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


SAP Lumira Edge Edition Turns Spreadsheets into Infographics
Regardless of its size, your business probably collects plenty of data.

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook’s Active Users Percentage Drops in 4Q 2014
Just one of the 10 largest social networks saw a decline in percentage of active users in the fourth quarter of 2014 versus the year-ago period: Facebook.


Ordinary Investors Now Have an Advantage Over the Pros
In early March, about a quarter of the debt issued by euro zone … such as biotech and social media, and safe “bond substitutes” such as utility …

Dataminr Confirms $130M Raise To Take Its Social Media Data Analysis To New Verticals
In addition to Fidelity, other investors include a long list of financial … with algorithms that are used to filter social media services but also other data …

Polaroid Investor Group Named as Preferred Bidder for Online Site Blipfoto
Polaroid FotoBar investors including Hilco Global to acquire assets of innovative social media photo sharing site as strategic add on business.

Do not shy away from social media
… crash, investment managers have been increasingly in the spotlight as investors … The advent of digital and social media and, more significantly, the resulting … The FCA has stated that it “recognises social media’s growing role in …

Why Is Alibaba Investing In Snapchat?
Alibaba has fascinated American investors for some time – little wonder, since this … And it’s not as if the US is short of social media and e-commerce …


Where Big Data Projects Fail
Over the past 6 months I have seen the number of big data projects go up significantly and most of the companies I work with are planning to increase …

The Success of Monitoring the Economy With Big Data
The question of whether Big Data “can replace the federal statistical system” was a theme at a panel at the American Enterprise Institute hosted this …

CBS Gets Into the Big Data Game
CBS may have launched a new streaming service (and announced a new one for daughter network Showtime on the heels of the Apple press …

LinkedIn Buys Careerify To Build Out Its Big Data Recruitment Business
LinkedIn has made another acquisition to build out its big data recruitment business. It’s acquired Careerify, a startup based out of Toronto, Canada, …

How big data is taming the growing cost of the UK’s nuclear decommissioning liabilities
Sellafield, Europe’s largest nuclear site, has utilised big data concepts, with the help of Informed Solutions, to help them make sense of their huge …

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