Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


ISIS is using statistics, infographics and Twitter to promote terror in Iraq
The typical organised terrorist uses statistics, infographics and Twitter to … about their attacks and promoting them using infographics and Twitter

These Army Infographics Show How It’s Possible To Defeat An Insurgency
This week’s events in Iraq are a jarring reminder of just how hard it is totally defeat an insurgency. As the American war effort sputtered in the middle of …

JBH marketing: Infographics and navigating the road to success
Interactive infographics are undoubtedly the next ‘big thing’. If implemented correctly, they offer an extremely versatile asset for your content marketing …

11 wonderful World Cup 2014 stats & infographics
Today is the best day of the past four years, for it signals the beginning of the World Cup. This obviously means that my inbox is overflowing with …


5 brain flaws that make you a lousy investor
If you are a lousy investor, the problem isn’t your stock research skills, … But it’s been a bloody year for most social media stocks and many investors …

ETFs for Investing in Social Media and Gold
Q: The What’sApp deal suggests the social-media world is hot. Are there ways to use ETFs or other vehicles to bet on this sector? A: Heads turned in …

Social Media Stocks: Facebook vs. Twitter
However, these social giants are, in fact, very different companies. … all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors.

Napster co-founder’s latest project: A social network for politics
A civic engagement group led by big-name investors in the tech industry is working to build a social network for politics. Brigade — which launched in …


How Big Data Can Simplify Sustainability
June 18 (Bloomberg) — Luke Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer at Carbon Culture, talks with Guy Johnson about his company’s attempts to simplify …

Big data is ‘irrelevant’ to businesses, says Tibco
Big data analytics relies too much on historic data and has failed to provide businesses with the real-time information needed to supporting fast …

IBM uses big data and Watson for Wimbledon cloud analytics
IBM HAS DEMONSTRATED how it will leverage big data technology to bring enhanced coverage to this year’s Wimbledon tennis championship.

These big data companies are ones to watch
It’s hard enough staying on top of the latest developments in the technology industry. That’s doubly true in the fast-growing area known as big data, …

Big data: Should it come with a big health warning?
Yet this unstructured data humans put online is exactly the type of stuff that companies want to analyse when they kick off their own big data projects.

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