Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Infographic.net Launches, Bringing Top-Quality, Affordable Infographics to All
Infographic.net has already produced some of the most popular and significant infographics in the Internet’s recent history, and the company’s staff of …


Why Facebook Inc. Stock Has Soared 42% in 2014
That creates exactly the positive network effects that investors want to see, as popular publishers, who have … It could, however, also spur further innovation beyond Facebook’s social-media core to help give the company some …

Stock market live blog: Futures flat as traders eye Fed; Microsoft buys Minecraft
Investors will undoubtedly continue to wring their hands over what the Federal … The store apologized, but is getting hammered on social media.

Latino Investors Use Youtube and Twitter More Than Any Other American Investors
Both social media channels receive more engagement from Hispanic investors than investors of any other ethnicity, confirming Hispanic Americans’ …

Tech companies hope investors will trust ‘robo-advisers’ over human ones
In some cases, Betterment’s software can identify when investors are … news articles and social media platforms for hints about market direction, is far …


Watson Analytics merges big data with natural language tools
IBM has announced the launch of Watson Analytics, a cloud-based natural language service that aims to simplify and streamline predictive data …

Big data in the real world
The rise of big data – and the evolution of discussion around how to make the most of it – has been swift, and shows little sign of slowing down.

Using big data to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s
Dr. Strong, the lead investigator for a $28.5-million Ontario research project that intends to harness big data to better understand brain diseases, …

GPS big data: making cities safer for cyclists
Urban planners in cities around the world, including London, are buying data from the cycle-logging website Strava to gain insight into where and …

Hole in one: How Big Data can turn players into winners
By combining Big Data, mobile and cloud, backed up by quality security, individuals and businesses alike can up their game, whatever it may be .

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