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Women and medical leadership infographics
We explore some key facts and figures around women and medical leadership.These infographics are for you to use and share – please just mention …


Investor Coolness Towards Social Media Is Seen In The Global X Social Media ETF
The Global X Social Media ETF has declined by -16.21% YTD. The ETF’s P/E Ratio exceeded its benchmark and Morningstar category average.

The Daily Startup: Milestone Venture Partners Raising $150M Med-Tech Fund
Hinge, a mobile dating app, has raised $12 million led by new investor Shasta Ventures, with … Connect Raises $10 Million to Fix Social Media Sprawl. It’s easy to make contacts in the age of social networking and smartphones.

Facebook May Up Spending On Media Content, Taking On YouTube FB
1 social network seeks more ad revenue. YouTube, however, has more than 1 billion users visiting its site each month. Investment bank Jefferies …

12 Tips For Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy
Social media is an increasingly important tactic in companies’ marketing strategy and yet results from The CMO Survey continue to indicate that .

Angel investors back social media marketplace CloudPeeps
CloudPeeps, an invite-only marketplace connecting businesses and social media professionals, was founded by Ms Kendall and Shala Burroughs in …


The ‘Adjacent Possible’ of Big Data: What Evolution Teaches About Insights Generation
For enterprises struggling to get started with data analysis of their big data, the theory of “adjacent possible” offers an easy to adopt and implement …

Big Data Tool Analyzes Intentions: Cool Or Creepy?
Lexalytics intention analysis tool determines what you’re going to do before you do it, the company says. This goes beyond sentiment analysis.

2014: A Year in Which Big Data Dominated Every Conversation
Recognizing that big data projects would need the flexibility that NoSQL databases offer, along with the ability to scale out on the fly, NoSQL …

Five Big Data Trends To Watch For In 2015
Used properly and analysed effectively, big data can give organisations customer … Accessibility to big data is still an issue for many organisations.

Google moved to lock down data after NSA revelations
Big-data tools created for intelligence agencies, including metadata collection programs, are “trickling down to state and local law enforcement …

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