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How Consumer Reviews Drive In-Store Sales
If it wasn’t clear by now, the presence of user reviews on your site can have a drastic impact on consumer behavior, both offline and online.

Infographic: The Video Sites Millennials Can’t Live Without (and the Ads They Can Live With) YouTube, Netflix and social all surpass TV
Media consumption habits of the younger generation are increasingly relevant to marketers as Gen Zers begin to overtake millennials as the demo du jour. In its annual Acumen Report, Defy Media studies how Gen Z and millennials consume media.

How Europe’s ExoMars Missions to Mars Work
Exobiology on Mars (ExoMars) is an ambitious mission being undertaken by the European Space Agency and its international partners. In 2016, the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) and Schiaparelli lander will be launched on a Russian Proton rocket. In 2018, the ExoMars rover will be launched.

The Cities Where Millionaire Populations Are Booming
Over the past few decades, many cities forged firm reputations as playgrounds for the super rich, most notably New York, London, Monte Carlo …


It’s time for charities to stop wasting money on social media
It’s time to step away from the belief that charities have to be on social media and need to invest in it. It’s not the best marketing tool we have.

Will Twitter’s Brain Drain Problem Cost Investors in More Ways Than One?
However, they do cost investors and should be monitored closely. … As a comparison, large social-media networks LinkedIn and Facebook …


‘Big data is like teenage sex, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it’ – Ogilvy’s Jennifer Hu
The debate around big data is like teenage bravado and smoke and mirrors around their discussions of sex, according to Ogilvy & Mather executive …

17 Predictions About The Future Of Big Data Everyone Should Read
Almost everyone can agree that big data has taken the business world by storm, but what’s next? Will data continue to grow? What technologies will …

UK government and EU Parliament step up big data analytics policy push
UK and EU policy makers have urged governments to raise their data capture and analytics game to the level demanded by the digital economy.

9 Hot Big Data And Analytics Startups To Watch
Big data and analytics are hot growth areas, not only for IT organizations, but for businesses across all industries. Visionary executives are finding …

Big data and the Death Star
The Star Wars movies have captured the imaginations of everyone, from baby boomers through millennials on down to tots. It seems like everyone has …

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