Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


How technology is changing sport
Below is an infographic from Conosco that tells the story very well. You can click on it to view it in a larger format. Technology in sport …

What Infographics Looked Like Before Computers
Caption: Graphic Presentation, a book written in 1939 by graphics pioneer Willard Cope Brinton, is a window into the graphics-making boom that ..

The US Companies With The Most Offshore Cash
The use of tax havens is ubiquitous across America’s 500 largest companies. Collectively, they hold $2.1 trillion in offshore cash, according to a …

Digital skills in Europe
Most jobs today require some digital and ICT skills. Jobseekers will have a harder time finding work without them. The European Commission tracks several indicators to measure the level of ICT skills in the population.

Brands Should Treat Consumers as Friends, Not Age Groups
A new report from Trendera, a trend forecasting and creative marketing firm, found there’s not much difference in lifestyle preferences in …


Sir Richard Branson – Is Social Media Killing Communication?
While I may never see heaven’s gates, these days it’s hard not to be concerned that in our brave new world of texting, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., it can be more difficult for entrepreneurs and business managers to book meetings – or even to get a potential investor, supplier or customer on the phone.

Facebook Is Less Profitable This Year Than Last: Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing
If you’re a Facebookinvestor, you have to be happy with … During that period, shares of the social-media giant have provided …

Twitter Cuts 336 Jobs As Jack Dorsey’s Second Act Starts With The Ax
Twitter shares took flight Tuesday morning as investors celebrated the official announcement that the social network would cut up to 336 jobs, about 8% of its workforce.

Global fund managers turn gloomy on Europe’s economic outlook
Just 25pc of 209 investors polled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch earlier this month said they expected the European economy to strengthen over the next 12 months – down from 62pc in September.


Cutting Big Data Down To Size
Does this mean Big Data is irrelevant, and companies should forgo the chance to translate this material into worthwhile information about everything …

US military exploring ‘big data’ to prevent violent crimes by soldiers before they happen
The US military is developing a ‘big data’ tool aimed at preventing military personnel from committing violent crimes by predicting which soldiers are …

2015 Big Data Market Update
These and other insights are from the recently published report Big Data and Advanced Analytics Survey 2015, Volume I by Evans Data Corporation.

Financial regulators to scrutinise use of big data next year
Financial regulators will look into the use of big data by financial institutions in a bid to prioritise consumer protection, according to a new document …

How to unlock your data warehouse’s big data potential
They have always had business critical data, but now Big Data brings sensor data, Internet and social media data too. As businesses expand over …

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