Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


How Facebook Just Became The World’s Largest Publisher
You could imagine Facebook investing more into the interactive side of things, making polls and touchable infographics run natively, too.

May 2015 creative trends: campaigning for good, artistic infographics, mimickry and rejected work
May 2015 creative trends: campaigning for good, artistic infographics, mimickry and rejected work. 11 amazing projects to inspire your from the political – but not …

These Infographics Use Objects on City Streets to Show Urban Statistics
There’s been no shortage of street art trying to make a point about the inequality of cities. But here’s a clever idea that not only illustrates some horrifying facts, it also gives some real-world context that’s impossible to ignore.


Markets shrug off Yellen warning, not a ‘good investor’
7 days ago – Rising interest rates spooked stocks far more than a warning from the Fed chair that the equities market is overvalued. Fed Chair Janet Yellen …

Should marketers worry about the social media stock slowdown?
To be sure, social media companies are still growing at a rapid clip. … Investors have high hopes for these companies and to justify the premiums that …

Social media stocks took a beating last week. And they still haven’t bounced back
But the continued sell-off of social media shares — while other tech stocks … More investors had doubts about whether Twitter would ever reach such …


Will Big Data Determine The Next US President?
When you think about it, big data works exactly the same way in politics as it does in business; the only difference is that marketing efforts are aimed at …

Hadoop adoption limps along – so perhaps big data isn’t such a big deal?
Early adopters may be reporting successes with the open-source big-data framework, but just over half of the businesses quizzed by analyst firm …

When is Voting Not Big Data
The knowledgeable amongst us reference Big Data at least once a week…and the really savvy at least once a day…and the incredibly shrewd at least …

Big Data: Protecting Privacy Is Good For Business
Privacy issues in big data often put companies and consumers in adversarial positions. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Top 5 Challenges Facing Big Data Startups Today
Not long ago, big data was a niche topic. But, fast-forward a few years, and today it’s the fuel driving most data-driven businesses. What’s more, big …

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