Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


A Q&A Site That’s Like Quora, But With Polling and Cool Infographics
“The thing about infographics is that they need to be simple and understood by the larger public,” explains Opara. “I’ve seen a lot of infographics that …


The Top 10 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing
According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social … is not a significant investment for a channel as large as social media.

Why BuzzFeed Is Trying to Shift Its Strategy
BuzzFeed’s new $50 million investment values the online media company … engines, but now they are increasingly likely to come from social networks. … A version of this article appears in print on August 13, 2014, on page ..

How Coinalytics is Building the Bloomberg for Bitcoin
Usually, bitcoin believers tell a familiar story about how they … For example, four of the top 10 most-read CoinDesk stories in the second quarter of 2014 related to … enthusiasts are seeking to better understand the market as investors. … and sentiment from social media, among various sources of data.

Yo app: Silicon Valley gimmick or the next big thing?
Many great technology companies started out looking hopelessly limited to their many naysayers.


Can big data help build more wind and solar farms?
The solution, he concluded, was to use his online campaigning and big data skills – honed from his years of working in politics – to find the most likely …

A Big Data Startup Factory: Frost Data Capital’s Novel Recipe
Frost Data Capital is pursuing a model for building and selling companies focused on big data and analytics that breaks many of the assumptions of …

When Big Data Is Watching You
Is the answer to our feeble human minds needing to grapple with increasing quantities of big data to stand in a purpose built room immersed in …

5 Growth Investing Tips From Big-Name Investors
Some recent ones include 3-D printing, wearable computing, and big data. You don’t have to focus on technology, either, if you’re not well versed in it …

Using Big Data To Understand Migrations
Monitoring migrations it’s not an easy task. While in today’s economy, survey data about economic confidence or public opinion are collected on a …

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