Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


What Small Businesses Should Know [Infographics]
Infographics are visual narratives that present complex data in a clear and compelling fashion, through the use of creative visual representations.

Infographics for children: what they can learn from data visualisations
This week sees the publication of a book that I have worked on with the father of infographic design Peter Grundy — Infographics: Human body. And in …

Yahoo buys social infographics firm Vizify for visualisation push
Vizify, a startup that made personal bio pages and visualisation tools based on social data, has been acquired by Yahoo.

Infographics for children: Simon Rogers and the illusion of certainty – The Functional Art
Now that I grabbed your attention with a pretentious headline, here’s some news for you: Simon Rogers has announced two new infographics books, …


Facebook, Twitter, and a Ponzi Scheme for the Social Age
In its complaint, the SEC alleges that Mutual Wealth leveraged “the scope and reach of social media” to propagate lies and solicit investors.

How Google and Facebook Could Become Financial Services Giants
… debate the future of peer-to-peer lending, the risks involved with investing in these loans, and the chances social media companies enter the space.

Are Small Investors a Sell Signal?
Richard Peterson, founder of MarketPsych, analyzes text in news stories, socialmedia and other sources to estimate whether investors feel, say, “joy” …

Markit adds social media sentiment tool
The firm will begin to use a series of social media indicators which give investors a window into how particular stocks are being discussed on Twitter, …


Big Data Lessons From Netflix
On June 27, 2013, at the Hadoop Summit, he provided a rare window into the NetflixBig Data ethos. Magnusson presented with data should be …

Going Beyond Big Data To Knowledge
Over the last month, I have written about all the hype surrounding big data including how it equals a big headache for executives and how the promise …

Can big data crunching help feed the world?
The analysis of large volumes of data collected from fields, warehouses, trucks – and even animals’ stomachs – may be key to preventing widespread …

Big data skills gap ‘not huge’ and even ‘exaggerated’ say Rackspace and EMC
These statements came from a big-data roundtable hosted by Rackspace, at which EMC solutions principal Bernd Kaponig said: “I think from my …

Big Data and Law Enforcement: Was ‘Minority Report’ Right?
Big Data has always been around in some form or another. At some point, businesses decided to use that information to learn what makes their clients …

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