Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


Infographics: Are They Still Effective?
Infographics are the fastest growing digital marketing strategy in the U.S. 62% of companies surveyed by Content Marketing Institute used …

This awesome Star Wars infographic shows off the series’ influence on future franchises
It’s no secret that the Star Wars series is one of the most influential movie franchises of all time. With the upcoming ‘The Force Awakens’ finally …

Fastest Ship In The Universe Infographic Puts Sci-Fi Creations Alongside Real Life Spacecraft
Well now this amazing infographic reveals all as it places real-life machinery alongside fictional flying machines, allowing us to compare specs …

Why we need more women in tech (infographic)
This infographic – which you can click to view in a larger format – from Next Generation portrays the issue, and possible options, succinctly.

Your Brain on Sleep: The Five Stages of Your Sleep Cycle
Have you ever wondered what happens in our brains and bodies while we are sleeping? Want to know how much sleep you really need in order to be productive and alert?


The Only Social Media Stock You Should Own
To see the social media as advertisers do, investors only need to put themselves in marketers’ shoes. Which sites offer the audience I want and can …

Google investors welcome Alphabet plan
Google’s shares rose over 6% in after-hours trading Monday after it announced a massive restructuring. The plan creates a new holding company, Alphabet, to run all the Google companies.

Manchester United Kit Launch Generates Millions In Social Media Value For Adidas
Manchester United’s new Adidas kit is the fastest value generating football kit launch campaign ever after it generated $2.3m in social media value in its first three days according to sport and entertainment intelligence advisor Repucom.

Can a Deeper NFL Partnership Help Twitter Attract More Users?
Even if Twitter never attracts tens of millions more Baby Boomers and Gen Xers—people who generally think a Facebook account constitutes a large enough social-media footprint—it really should be able to recruit new pro football fans.


Can We Really Use Big Data To Measure Buyer Intent?
Big data and analytics have become the Holy Grail of marketing speak. Being more data driven has definitely become hip, but it’s not hype. Brands …

How the travel industry is taking retail’s lead on big data
Big data itself is a general term used to describe the exponential growth and availability of data. In the travel industry the data comes from off-line and …

MPs ‘Big Data Dilemma’ inquiry was obsolete before it even began
The government is just now thinking about big data, a task that would have made sense around five years ago. They may as well launch an …

Windows 10 – Microsoft’s Big Data-grabbing (or spying?) OS
It’s been a couple of weeks since the launch of Windows 10 and the numerous voices raising concerns over privacy and how it uses personal data are not getting any quieter.

Wearable tech will transform sport – but will it also ruin athletes’ personal lives?
Wearable technologies and big-data analytics are enabling coaches, trainers and general managers to analyze previously unquantifiable aspects of …

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