Our weekly round up of relevant news from around data (big or otherwise), social, trends and our very own index:


How info graphics can help learners understand the rules of English
The British Council is the UK’s international cultural organisation. Read about the work we’re doing building relationships between the UK and other countries through our work in Arts, English, Education and Society.

UNICEF Infographics
Project Description. UNICEF needed visual presentation of their data from their MICS project. There were many categories done and Nutrition was one …


2 Things You Must Know About Twitter Inc. This Week
Let’s look at two major developments Twitter investors need to know about this week and what they tell us about the social media giant’s potential …


10 Powerful Facts About Big Data
Big data means many things to many people, but how broad is its impact? Consider these figures on big data and the gurus who splice it. Previous.

Big Data’s Big Future in Health Care
Of course, IBM (NYSE: IBM ) is a major player with Watson and its incredible potential to help identify appropriate treatment regimens with big data.

2050: How can we avoid an electronic 1984?
How can we use big data for better governance – and avoid big brother?

We’re all being mined for data – but who are the real winners?
Big data is the Rorschach blot of our times – an incomprehensible shape on to which we project our dreams and nightmares, hopes and fears.

Big Data deconstructed: how it’s keeping us fit and entertained
You’ve may have heard a lot about the concept of ‘big data’ in the couple of years, probably in ways that have either resulted in figuratively scaring or …

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