Banks are still taking a hammering, having become pretty unpopular since the credit crisis began six years ago. Now they have a new problem to worry about with hot, young and well funded startups, starting to eat away parts of their territory. Is it time for the established order to up the fight or wave… Read more »

Opinion is divided about the use of social media to drive trading strategies but the reality is that many investment firms do not know how to capitalise on social media content. Using the right technology and the right skills is essential to save time spent trawling through the noise to find accurate sentiment and content… Read more »

Despite being well established in most industries and part of the daily routine for large numbers of people around the world, the financial services industry still appears to be struggling with the reality of how and where social media should be used effectively. In my previous working life, I was Head of Digital for a… Read more »

Video killed the radio star, and the internet killed the newspaper industry. Rolling 24-hour tv news holed it below the waterline, but the growth of social media proved the iceberg that sank it. Circulation is declining at a rate of around 3% every six months, and some estimate it will fall to only around 6.4… Read more »

Featured in a timely reminder in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, the subject of big Silicon Valley players scaling up their foray into banking continues to raise its head as a subject. A study by the Washington Post also broached this subject recently, with payment innovator Square topping the poll of technology firms those surveyed would… Read more »

“By the time you realized it happened, it already corrected…when something like AP gets hacked, it becomes reality for a period of time, until it’s not.” – Art Hogan, Lazard Capital Markets In the 7 years since its launch, Twitter has become arguably the most important form of social media for business.  Allowing for… Read more »