The TOMRW Social & News Index was established in 2013 by Trendensity to provide a common basis of measure for social and news content, combined or individually. It is an index made up of social media data and news data.

The index distils up-to-the-minute content from a variety of sources. Running the content through a complex series of calculations before delivering a single, digestible and actionable score. The index can additionally be retrospectively analysed, for example, with Twitter data dating back to 2007.

We’re particularly interested in where social data intersects with finance, investments and economic activity and as a young business, we’re happy to discuss requirements for integrating the index into applications and data marketing efforts or indeed answer any general questions you might have about social data and social media data in finance.

Our index commentary blog will provide updates on what is happening in data science, social data and the index itself. You can also subscribe to our news updates by leaving your email address at the bottom of this page.

Coming soon, at, we will provide the ability to actively monitor trends and understand the data behind them.

Welcome to Human Market Data® from Trendensity.