The investor relations community is seriously lagging behind in using social data to measure the effectiveness of their strategy and predict future trends. The early adopters are realising that they can capitalise on this insightful data by using an indexing platform that is tailored to their needs.

A social index, such as TOMRW, aggregates the wide range of social and news feeds, providing insight contained within a single score. This provides an opportunity to constantly benchmark a business and compare similar companies.

Here are five opportunities a social data index offers the investor relations community:

1. Get instant insight on how the world feels about your business
Think of a social data index a bit like a snapshot of sentiment at any
given point in time. You can measure sentiment from employees, customers, suppliers and partners as well as competitors. This is essential board level data that is backed up by real data, unlike the softer measures of PR. This data will add credibility to annual reports and investor presentations.

2. Be transparent about your CSR activities:
Having open conversations on social media about CSR and community activities is what people expect from companies who take investor relations seriously. A social data index can help you measure the success of these programmes, the engagement levels with relevant communities and presents your CSR in a transparent way – an attractive quality for any investor.

3. Understand how has social media influenced the company’s strategy
With a social data index, you can measure where you were historically, where you are now, and make informed predictions about the future using the social data you have. For example, you can measure the impact of crisis communications or a share price drop.

4. Smarter competitor analysis
Analyse your organisation against your competitors – social sentiment can be incorporated into your other business intelligence data. What had a positive impact on social, what was the impact on the share price. Again, this insight-led data can be used to attract potential investors at roadshows and in presentations.

5. Are we able to predict the future?
Can we predict the future? The TOM.RW index is developing predictive elements, which may provide investors with a ‘heads up’ on which they can make decisions faster than their competitors.

To find out more about the TOMRW Index and how social data can influence your investor relations strategy please contact us.

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